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reporting. jessamy ahead 51 percent over challenger greg bernstein. >> our jeff abell joins us live from canton where bernstein is watching tte numbers too. >> there is a lot of optimism here in canton, where a packed houses of supporters are waiting, and watching the returns. in the crowd re attorneys,3 greg bernstein. and friends of we are still awaiting the arrival of the challenger here tonight. he was out early this morning, drumming last minute support at the polls. now bernstein who is former federal prosecutor, out spent his opponent in this race. of course, vowed to get tough on violent offenders. at the polls arlier today, he admitted that he is exciteed and enthousandsed. >> well, we think we have run a very professional campaign. and, i think, that afttr 1553 years people are ready for a change. and more importantly i think, we have tapped into something. people all over the city, are frustrate with the crime, and wwnt to see change. >> well, many here today are energized by today's low voter turnout n many casss that's a good sign for challenger. we will find out later.
's attorney office. >> i called greg bernstein, and i dvised him that i waa conceding. >> the news that convinced her to concede the race and what she will do whennshe leaves office. >> a glorioussweekknd ahead. how long it will be before we see rain again, in the sky watch forecast. >> and can you lose 50 pounds with just this little patch? the potentially painful place that has to be sewwn on to. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jefffbaand. >> and i am karen parks. questions still remain surrounding the shooting at johns hopkins yesterday. >> joy lepola said that police are looking into the events and >> one day after a triple shooting, you find hints of normalcy here at johns hopkins hhspital. >> it is quiet. it is, you know, i think a lot of people want to forget about if. what happened here. kind of move on with things. mucc different scene was playing out. >> i called into y department and they are all locked in the -ounge. apparently everybody ii locked down. they cannot move. >> workers and patients in fear
and taxation committee. the 73-year-old is running unopposed in november's general election. >> greg bernstein will likely be baltimore a-- baltimore's new states borne. david collins has more in our "commitment 2010" report. >> earlier i called greg bernstein and i advised him that i was conceding, and i pledged my support for a smooth transition. >> pat jessamy was the city's top prosecutor for 15 years. her eyes filled with tears and a smile on her face, she accepted defeat gracefully. >> we cannot arrest and on vict our way out of our current predicament. >> she will volunteer her services for a fifth sunday violence to virtue initiative. >> we have to begin to change individuals from the inside out. working with children and making sure that our children have every opportunity to be successful citizens and not grow up into cold-blooded killers who are continuing a cycle of violence. >> jessamy said her legacy in office influenced national policy. she changed the crime-fighting focus from -- wrote the witness intimidation laws now on the books. created a prosecution program and anti-gang i
has conceded the bitter battle for her job. just a short time ago, greg bernstein spoke about his plan. political reporter pat warren has reaction to the outcome of this contentious race. pat? >> reporter: that's right. greg bernstein announced his candidacy for the job here at this east 26th street location. and today, this is where he declared victory after pat jessamy says she sees the handwriting on the wall. >> the nominee takes the bow. >> when we began this campaign, a little more than two months ago, almost everyone said that we didn't have a chance. >> reporter: the incumbent bows out. >> i called greg bernstein. and i advised him that i was conceding. and i pledged my support for a smooth transition. >> reporter: city state's attorney, patricia jessamy said she had a good conversation with bernstein. but it has a condition. there must be an orderly conduct. some ballots were left out of the count. during both of which, bernstein has maintained a thousand-plus margin of victory. >> the as a results she we have attracted a broad base across the city, because people of all races
. >> reporter: we are listening to greg bernstein he has just walked into the room. he is greeting his supporters right now. he is telling supporters that he is going to be here for a short while and we will keep you posted on the latest. >> that was derek valcourt. a two county council member are the front runners. tonight we only have numbers from a few precinct, we can report that kevin kamanetz is ahead. very few precincts reporting so far. numbers are coming in slowly, we don't know why. we're going to begin with mary bubala. >> reporter: we are finally beginning to see some energy. we believe kamanetz will walk in here shortly. everything is preliminary as kevin kamanetz tries to make it to the top. >>> after 16 years on the council, kamenetz is vying for the top spot. >> i would just be so happy because kevin definitely is the better candidate. i think he is the one that can really, truly lead baltimore county. >> reporter: the 52-year-old formed a battle by highlights his experience and knowledge of county matters >> we want to keep our neighborhoods safe and our schools stron
call greg bernstein and i advised him that i was conceding and i pledged my support for a smooth transition. >> reporter: city state's attorney patricia jesemmy say she had a pleasant conversation, but it's a concession speech was a concession. during both of which bernstein has maintained a thousand plus margin of victory. >> the results show that we attracted a broad base of support. >> i'm not one to dwell in the past. i am one for moving forward and i just think it's time to do that. >> reporter: baltimore police commissioner fred beal thanked pat jessamy. >> there's no doubt she dedicated her soul to her job. >> reporter: and as a private citizen jessamy plans to work on an anti violence bill. >> don't let us be fighting for vote, let us fight together for the future of this city. >> reporter: no argument there. >> the tough part, making baltimore safe starts now. >> reporter: as the democratic party nominee for city state's attorney, greg bernstein still has a general election but there's no appreciable opposition. reporting from east baltimore, i'm pat warren, now back to
jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. >> here's a look at the final tally, greg bernstein has 49% of the vote, jessamy has 48% of the vote. we begin with pat at the board of elections where the votes are still being counted another this hour. >> reporter: apparently when the board of elections stopped counting votes last night with greg bernstein ahead by 1,400, not all of the votes in the city had been counted. the vote count ended in the city's state's attorney's race early this morning. with greg bernstein ahead by about 1,400 votes. >> we don't know the totals yet. >> reporter: but what no one seemed to appear until this morning was that not all the votes had been counted. a total of 27 takes from six districts were left out or missing. >> her understanding from a conversation with her people and her representatives with the campaign, is this totals six to 10,000 votes. that's what she's hearing, we're waiting for this information to come from the board of elections, but her people are down there. >> reporter: jessamy's spokesperson says the votes could make a significant di
in the general election, greg bernstein will likely be the new states attorney. yesterday patricia jessamy conceded the bitterly fought race. david collins has more on bernstein's plans on a transition. >> dwreg greg bernstein wade -- greg bernstein waded through a large crowd to say thank you from the spot he announced his canned -- candidacy. >> because people are ready for a change and ready for a fresh approach at tackling the violence in baltimore. >> opposition -- he claimed racial politics would trump a tough discussion of the issues. he promised to work with the police and the judiciary and public defenders office and promised the first thing the public will notice is how transparent his office will be. >> i ran for this office because i believe public safety is one of our most important rights and everyone, regardless of who they are, has the right to feel safe and secure in their homes and neighborhoods. >> pat jessamy was the city's top prosecutor for 15 years. her eyes filled with tears. she accepted defeat graciously. she said she is not going quietly into the night, but she i
greg bernstein and advised him that i was conceding. and i pledged my support for a smooth transition. >> she says she had a pleasant conversation conversation with her opponent. her legal team will continue to monitor the quote orderly process. during both of which, bernstein has maintained a 1,000-plus margin of victory. >> i'm not one to dwell in the past. i am one for moving forward. and i just think it's time to do that. >>> fred beal field backs bernstein but thanks jessamy. >> the city has a state of gratitude for miss jessamy's long service. and it was incredible service to the city of baltimore. there is no doubt she dedicated her soul to her job. >> reporter: and as a private citizen, jessamy plans to work on an anti-violence initiative. >> there is somebody out there today who is dissatisfied with what happened during this election. my thing is, don't let us be fighting for votes. let us join together to fight for the future of this city and that means fight for our children. >>> greg bernstein, the democratic nominee for the podium, now taking the podium for pat jessamy's
the race. >> greg bernstein way to a large crowd of supporters to say thank you. >> because people of all races, ages, and economic groups are ready for a change. we are ready for a fresh approach to tackling the climate of violence in baltimore's neighborhoods. quite the campaign began two to go under the assumption that had no chance pitahaya -- two months ago under the assumption that he had no chance. he promises that the first thing they will note this is not transparent and accountable his office will be. >> iran because i believe public safety is one of our most important weapons. >> you is the top prosecutor for 15 years. she accepted defeat graciously. she is not one quietly into the night, but hshe is moving forward. she will soon be teaming up with 2300 churches. she will volunteers services for a project called "the fifth sunday." >> we have to begin to change individuals from the inside out. working with children and making sure that our children have every opportunity to be successful citizens and not grow up into cold-blooded killers who are continuing a cycle of violence.
tomorrow morning and you will have in the state's attorney. [cheering] >> so, greg bernstein sounding very optimistic. he has a lot of supporters packed in behind us in canton. many of them spent 12 hours working the polls. we will check in as soon as more numbers comment. for now, he is keeping the faith that tomorrow he will have a new job. >> we now will take a look at the race for baltimore county executive. here is a look at the numbers right now. we also want to mention to you again, very, very early in the vote totals. only 12% of precincts are reporting. more will come in even though the polls closed more than three hours ago. voter turnout is low. barton felder is 41%. again, very early, with only 12% of the vote coming in. we want to go to deborah. >> it is so interesting how the 11:00 hour shifts of the mood, producing candidates, producing supporters. we just got word that moments with his family, with his wife, is headed down from his war room where he celebrated many victories in the past. we are told he is very optimistic. about 20 minutes ago, he will told that their number
'malley. and challenger greg bernstein continues his surge to out budget pat jessamy. >> challenger greg bernstein continues to pull in pl voters. the report shows he has raised more than 17,000 in 19 days from august 10 through the 29th. most of the donations, according to the bernstein campaign, less than $100 each. that leaves him cash on hand, a comfortable push leading up to the election. pat jessamy has pulled in $28,244 over the same 19-day period. the new report also shows $100,000 loan to the jessamy campaign that's apparently the loan we reported wednesday. a personal loan jess any is making to her campaign to help -- jessamy is making to her campaign. >> a spokesman for the o'malley campaign called the recent edge in funding by ehrlich is no big deal. he noted o'malley maintains a big advantage, a margin of 3-1 in cash on hand. wbal-tv 11 news. >> maryland's first attempt at early voting began yesterday, and officials tell us day one went well. george lettis has the first numbers. >> doug and laurie sweeney are two of thousands that took advantage of maryland's early voting. >> we like
home, 55-year-old greg bernstein is waging his campaign for baltimore state's attorney. the campaign, he said, that has tapped into a level of enthusiasm. >> everywhere i go, white people, black people, young people, old people -- they're all telling me the same thing. they're tired of the crime and feel no safer than they did 15 years ago and they want change. >> democrats bernstein calls himself focused and committed and a bit of a workaholic. practically on his own since the age of 17, he paid its way through the university of maryland and law school there, too. a trial lawyer for nearly 30 years and a former federal prosecutor. >> i have done well. it would be easy to stay in that comfort level, so to speak and continue to practice law. but at a certain point you have to give back to the community you grew up in. that is why i'm running. >> if elected, bernstein says he will see him in the courtroom. unlike pat jessamy, who says her presence in those proceedings is distracting to the gates. >> if you have the state attorney in the courtroom, that will cause the judge to set up an
difficult this year. two months ago, former federal prosecutor greg bernstein announced his candidacy and immediately went on the attack blaming jess me for allowing violent criminals for remaining on the streets of baltimore. >> she has done a lot of wonderful things personally, her child work, hereford work. but as a result i think she has lost sight of her mission. >> on election day this week it appears the voters listened. >> people of all races, ages and economic groups were ready for a change and ready for a fresh approach to toppling the chronic violence in baltimore's neighborhoods. >> for the past several days jess a me challenged the results of the election. today she said she was moving forward. she is now planning to work with antiviolence initiative for children. >> i believe that things happen to us for a reason and i believe that my destiny is to impact positively baltimore city. >> reporter: meanwhile the man who was set to become the city's next state's attorney says getting elected was the easy part. >> the tough part, making baltimore say "start now." >> and patric
with the race for city state's attorney. challenger greg bernstein looking to unseat patricia jessamy. the candidates are working overtime? >> reporter: yes, bernstein will be here first thing this morning as the polls open up at 7:00. this sidewalk says it all, literally lined with signs. it's been a fierce battle. this battle between the two candidates and they are looking to win as the voters head to the polls later today. jessamy will be spending her day doing the same, going around to the different polling areas to meet and greet voters. it's the final push for jessamy's hottest race. she's trying to hold on to her 15 years as top prosecutor. she received an endorse metropolitan from -- endorsement from baptist ministers. and bernstein has received be a endorsement -- an endorsement from a high-profile attorney in the city. voters will get their final say as they head to the polls later this morning. the polls open up at 7:00. linda so, abc2 news. >>> this morning voters will head to the polls also to cast ballot for the best person to serve as baltimore county executive. sherrie
violent criminals. that's where we're going to devote our attention, greg bernstein believers they are extremely important but the job of other agencies. while he would partner closely with those agencies he would spend most of his resources going after repeat violent offenders. as for the other part of jessamy's remarks he's not sure what she meant but doesn't believe race has anyplace in this race. >> my point simply is that any kind of statement that gives a suggestion that this election is about race doesn't do service to the citizens of baltimore. >> reporter: both candidates trying to keep focused as the election is just 4 days away. in baltimore brian kuebler abc 2 news. >>> well let the slots war begin. the ad campaign for slots near the mall kicks off. they are running pro slots tv ads and they have gotten the backing of police firefighters and teachers unions. >> we're trying to do the best job we can. and we can't do without the revenue that slots i believe will provide for this county. >> the opposition believes the casino will bring more crime to the communit
fight. challenger greg bernstein looking to unset seat patricia jessamy. linda so with more. >> reporter: bernstein will be meeting and greeting voters at 7:00 as polls open up at cross country elementary school. jessamy will do the same throughout the day. it's their final push in what turned out to be the city's hottest race. jessamy is fighting to hold on to her 15 years as baltimore's top prosecutor. on monday she was endorsed from a group of baptist ministers. also, billy murphy, a well known attorney and former judge in the city. the race isphoused a lot on -- is focused a lot on baltimore's high crime rate and who will make the city safer. polls open up at 7:00. linda so, abc2 news. >>> voters will head to the polls to cast ballots for the best person to serve as baltimore county executive on the democratic side. sherrie johnson with the latest on the race for the executive seat. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's not long now before primary voting starts one of the area's hottest races is the democratic primary for baltimore county executive. kevin caminetz rushed to h
on the floor of the bathroom. >>> in democracy 2010 tonight challenger greg bernstein has widened his lead in the race for city state attorney. city election workers finished counting out ballots this afternoon, before that he held a 1295 lead over jess a me. his lead now stands at 1363 votes as cording to the baltimore city board of elections web site. there were more than 2,000 absentee ballots to be counted. there are still more than 1700 provisional ballots. election judges will decide whether to accept each ballot but that process will not start until next wednesday. >>> well school is in session and so is underaged drinking at colleges across the nation. a message to parents, research shows that discussions about drinking can't come too often or too early, when you should get it started. >>> plus the weather is breaking and fall fashions are here, more on the latest trends for your little ones. >>> and one of sesame street's biggest stars comes to maryland, how we got kids pumped up and ready to learn. >>> tonight at 11:00, when sharing is no longer child's play. >> tools, air beds.
overtime today to make a final push as voters head to the polls. greg bernstein will be out here later this morning as voters head to the polls. jessamy will do the same. she will be meeting and greeting voters throughout the stay. city -- the city. jessamy is fighting to hold on to her 15 years as baltimore's top prosecutor. on monday she was endorsed by a group of baptist ministers. bernstein had an endorsement from billy murphy, an attorney and well known judge in the city. the focus here is on baltimore is -- on baltimore's high crime rate and who will make the city safer. in baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. >>> bartonfelder against kaminetz. sherrie johnson with more on this hot race. >> reporter: we have a big political battle for the democratic nod for baltimore county executive. they will square off during primary voting. both are fourth-term councilman. kaminetz has been accused of an ugly mud-slinging campaign while bartonfelder chose a positive campaign. he says he chooses to focus ops his 28 -- on his 28-year accomplishment. >> we have a great county. it's fiscally well ma
hours. we are watching the democratic race in the baltimore canyon. can at jessamy hall law against greg bernstein? in live coverage of those races and all of the late breaking and all of the late breaking electionea my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. like a beautiful day with a nice breeze. >> picture-perfect. >> another great day tomorrow. a totally different story out in the atlantic. these hurricanes are far from land areas right now. they can get as nasty as they want as long as they stay out to sea. hurricane igor is moving towards bermuda. a lot of people, they tend to weaken
potentialú impact of having greg bernstein as the city's state attorney. that is cominggup in our 6:00 hour. >>> we now have a winner in the tight democratic race for baltimore county executive. with 100% oo the precincts reporting, countyycouncilman, kevin kamenetz has secured the nomination withh52% of the vote. councilman joeebartenfelder has -onceded the race with 44% of the vote. >> it's time that we put our differences behind us and i reach out to everyone in baltimore county to heal our division, pull in soagh togetheú %--hat we will be democratse united. >> kamenetz will face kentthhltz during november's general election. >>> it was a frustrating night as they waited on slow returns. eleccion officials say it was human eeror. after polls closed. workees shutdown the vvting machines, locked them up and forgot to tally the votes inside. the issuu was eventually fixed. >>> stay with fox 45 for the latest information on the november elections. go to foxbaltimore.com and click on the vote 2010 icon in the news features section. >>> one person is dead anddfour others are rushed to the ho
to hhs supporters. greg bernstein said his campaign backgrounds, who are ready for ú%ange. and he said publiccsafety transcends politics. >> let the results show that we attracted a broad base of support across the city. because people of all races, ages, and economic groups were ready for a change. >> bernstein has no opposition in november's general electiin. >> tonight on fox 45 news at 5:30. we askeddyou iffgreg bernstein will have an impact on reducing crime in baltimore? so far 53 percent say yes. 47 percent say no. on facebook, toney said, no, if they are afraid to report it and testify, then a new state's attorney means nothing. >> but arthur writes. %-baltimore around.ends to turn3 and bernstein have to say today. go to foxbaltimore.com/raw news. >> get the latest on the mid terrorism elections by going to our website foxbaltimore.com/vote 2010. >> three people are hurt, in a stabbing on board of a mta bus. before 3:00. along liberty heights avenue. after the incident the bus pulled over at mondoman maul, none of thh injuries is believed to be life threatening at this hour and
and counted. challenger greg bernstein is edging out the incumbent. to be lear, she has not conceded the race. her campaign had believed those outstanding primmry votes would swinn the election back towwrd her. so again there was the wait for those mmssing ballots to be counted, and jones was telling us what may have aused the delay. >> we hired 2000 people to do a one-day job. @% could be human error, they leave them in a polling place, put them in a supply bag. so there are some things, challenges out there. complete until we get to the 100% mark. @% reporter: again we have that 110% mark now. all of the primary votes have been counted. %-absentee ballots and we should remind you again there's no one talking about victim for now. we're live in downtown baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 5530. >>> the baltimore county race for executive, but a winner has been declared with 94% of all precincts reporting. councii men bartonfelder conceded. he says bartonfelder called him to morning to congratulate him. he spent more than $1 million on %-touuhdown ads.st spent on >> it's really time tha
greg bernstein and sherrill land sea debated strategies nd stattstics here3 at the law school. took aim on the war on degrees drugs and juvenile crime. >> as a result of strategies thht were put together, we have had over a 40 percent indecline in all of those categories, when ú% comes to juvenile crime. >> but i don't think that anyone sitting in this room, can say ú%at juvenile crime is ny better than it was 15 years ago. and in fact, it is worse. >> well, the candidates dii agree that when it comes to those first time low level drrg offenders, treatment not jail, is the answer. jeff abell, fox 45 news "late edition". ú% today is the deadline to request an absentee ballot for the primary election. all mailed requestsshad tt have been received by 8:00 tonight at local board of election offices. 11:59 is the deadline for e-mail requests. after today, absentee ballots can be requested but only in person at local election boards. >> this year's primaay is one week away. september 14. tuesday. early voting is underway and runs through thursday. >> if you need more information about
at a 4-minute ride with hour. ed traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. >>> unofficially, greg bernstein is the new city state ears attorney. right now numbers show him with a narrow 2% ead over incumbent patricia jessamy. again, hose results are still -he election board has not declared bernstein the winnerú just yet. megan gilliland is live from the war memooial downtown whhre jessamy s expected to eet with hhr staff later this morning. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. %-at 7:00. expected to meet here at thhs point it's unclear if she is showing uu with her ssaff to concede or if she is going to show up at all. if heeshows up, she could say she issgoing to fiiht those ú%sults because it's a close race as it stands. ballots ffom the precincts across the city are in. unofficial results shows etter bernstein with 49% of the votes, followed by jessamy with a 47% of the votes. someeimes when it's thii close, a recall is taken. this issthe toughest battle jessamy has ever faced. she was appointed to the cityú state aatorney position bacc in 1995 by the city state ourt
-- that this election is about race, does a disservice to the citizens of baltimore. >> that is challenger greg bernstein. he is insisting his anti-crime plan has absolutely nothing to do at all withhrace. airing tv campaign ads all summer. with the new one ut now, on the heels of bob ehrrich's new spot. until now, the likely opponents in the november election havv3 aired posiiive tv spots with buuiness leaders touting o'malley's job creation in a ú%%-ads from ehrlich said he wil fix the budget. o'malley's new spot targets the former governor's promise for no >> it is about credible. it is about ehrlich saying onee3 thing when he uns for officc and doing a different tting when -> this is an innumbent democratic governor of maryland that woull rather talk about anything other than his record. and his record is one of failure. particularly when it comes to jobs. >> ehrlich saad noo he would not raise taxes or father, because the economy is too weak. >> home sales tank again in the month of august. sales fell 16 percent in the baltimore area.ú the average price dropped as well. but 2/10 of 1 p
rights attorney and former judge billy murphy has endorsed challenger greg bernstein over the innumbeet anddthe endorsement for him comes on the heels of simiiar endorsement from the baltimore úun and city police union. she picked up high profileen dovt doorsment including the minister conference add the community reeationnbreakfast she defened her accomppishment in office. >> over the course of my time as state ttorney i have done an outstanding job and i continue to perform on behalf of the citizens. >> so many so many staff in the office. tiie for baltimore to get sooething better than that. >>reporttr: now todaa murphy also said he was offended by the recent remark she made about bernstein taking us back 600years if he legislatureed miihael, news at 5:30. >> thank you michael. final push of course for the 2 democrat vying for baltimore county executive. county councilman kevin sends supporters greeted motorist today along liberty road at randall town. county cooncil member meep time met with the resident t the overly senior center. >> i think that i have the right combinatio
in pennsylvania for ceremonies marking the crash of united airlines flight 93. >>> in local politics, greg bernstein, candidate for baltimore city state's attorney pulling in a lot of cash. his campaign raised a total of $290,000. he said he's pleased by the cross-section of support that his fight crimes first message inspired throughout baltimore neighborhoods. >>> this week president obama is unveiling a new plan for boosting the economy. a new abc news "washington post" poll shows he has a lot of ground to make up with voters. for the first time most voters, 52% now disapprove of the way the president is handling his job overall. more votes now say the president has made the economy worse. likely voters now favor an unname republican over a democratic candidate. by 53% to 43%, the widest gap gop margin on record. >> the summer kicked off with joe biden predicting a gain of 500,000 jobs a month. instead we've lost 400,000 jobs. >> meanwhile, it's not just the white house that is in play. there's a growing consensus that control of the senate is at stake, too. the republicans would need t
withy, billy tradition. and endown, challenger greg bernstein for city state attorney. >> so many disasters in thaa office. so many failed opportunities. time for baltimooe to get something etter than ttat. >> murphy's announcement comes on the heels of several other high profile endorsements for bernstein. including the city police union and baltimore sun. >> it is time to stop the revolving door and try to prosecute more effeccively criminals. >> i look forward to continuing the progress we made. >> incumbent jessamy that is fighting to keep her job of 15 years, down plays the sunns today picked up another endorsement. baptist minister's conference. >> over the covers my time as state's attorney i have doneean outstanding job,,and i continue to perform on behalf of the citizens. >> the controversy has not escaped jessamy's campaign. >> if he is elected, he would be taking us barks 60 years. >> "youtubb" video from a recent rally is now coming under fire. >> it is inappropriate to say that. i am deeply offend by it. >> jessamy contends the comments were not racially motivateed a
. >> this year's campaign has not only pitted jessamy against greg bernstein but the state's commissioner against fred bealsfeld, who supports berstein. 1kwr how are you going to work with the police commissioner again? >> you do what you have to do to get the job done. >> we also wanted to know about jessamy's decision not to attend courtroom proceedings, a practice she says began eight years ago. >> if i'm there, then the attention is taken off what is happening in this courtroom with that attorney with that defense attorney, with that case with that judge and the attention is then focused on me. that is not good for the case. >> with everything jessamy has seen over the years, she said she remains haunted by the murder of beaks who was abducted and fately shot by teenagers. >> as a parent of -- of a daughter who is in school it is a horrific thing to think about your child might be taken hostage and then murdered. it is one of those things that motivates me to say we have to break the cycle of violence. >> can you break the cycle? >> i think we can work on it. >> jessamy wants another term in
bern steen -- bernstein continues his support to out-race jessamy mple -- greg bernstein continues to out-perform pat jessamy by a margin of 3-1. he has raised more than 70,000 in 19 days from august 10 through 29. most of the donations, according to the bernstein campaign, less than $100. each. that leaves a comfortable cushion. by contrast jessamy has pulled in 28,244 over the same 19-day period. the report also shows a $100,000 loan to the jessamy campaign. that's reportedly a personal loan jessamy is making to her campaign to help pay for her tv advertising that just started on the air. >> back to the governor's race, a spokesperson called the recent edge in fundraising no big deal. the a spokesman said the o'malley campaign is taking a fund-raising break. he note noted they have maintained a big advantage in cash on hand. i'm jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and maryland's first attempt at early voting began yesterday, and officials tell us it went well. the first numbers on how early voting has gone so far. >> doug and lori of annapolis took early voting attempts. >> we like
, greg bernstein will likely be the new city state attorney. yesterday, the 15 year-incumbent conceded. david collins has more. >> earlier, i called greg bursting at -- gregg bernstein, and i advised him that i was conceding. >> she was the top prosecutor for 15 years. she accepted defeat graciously. she says she is not going quietly, but she is moving forward. >> we can not are rest and convict our way out of our current predicament. >> she will be teaming up, volunteering her services for a project called the fete sunday. >> we have to begin to change individuals from the inside out. working with children, and making sure that our children have every opportunity to be successful citizens and not grow up into cold-blooded keller's who -- killers, who are considered -- continuing with a cycle of violence. >> she changed the crime fighting focus. she originated a gun at the initiative. she wrote the witness intimidation laws. she created the community prosecution program. her tenure has been tumultuous. over the years, but she has been -- she has been criticized for not being tougher on
over, violent crime is down 50%. >> even lending her campaign $100,000 to keep up with greg bernstein's fund raising. >> i was raised in mississippi during the '60s, the '50s and the '60s, so know this has not been the toughest thing i've ever encountered and will probably not be the toughest thus. >> reporter: comments she made about that era and her opponent have drawn criticism that she is injecting race. >> and if he is elected he will be taking us back 60 years. >> reporter: she says what she meant was bernstein does not support crime prevention programs, not that he would target black residents for prosecution. >> shame on them for interjecting something that had no relevance at all to what i was saying. >> some people are interpreting it that way and i just again think it does a disservice to the citizens of baltimore to suggest they should make their decision about who should be the next state's attorney based on a color of a person's skin. >> reporter: bernstein says he does indeed belief in prevention and treatment but through other agencies which he would partner with. >> i
expensive. fred bernstein defeated -- greg bernstein defeated pat jessamy. her efforts to prosecute crime, as well as treatment and prevention has impacted our city and our state. now, bernstein has promised to take personal responsibility for reducing crimes. he bows that -- he vows he will make the city center. >> those are lofty will -- those are lofty goals. despite his promises, he cannot do it alone. a fresh start with a new prosecutor is an opportunity for all entities of the criminal justice system to join forces, share resources, and work together. it will not only to the prosecutor's office, but the police, legislators, with a unified goal of making baltimore a safer city for all. while he will not officially when the office until november 2, he has unofficially won the job, and all of the challenges that come within. tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's t
more than 1500 absentee ballots were counted today extending greg bernstein's lead over the environment couple bent. he leads by 1300 volts, jessamy has yet to concede. more absentee ballots and provisional ballots are set to be counted starting tomorrow. a few weeks ago we told you about that horrifying story of that woman who was attacked with a splash of acid in her face. blows have been searching for the attacker everybody since and tonight they know who did it. and you won't believe who did it. >> plus a nail gun for a home improvement project. but don't have the cash to spend? we're going to tell you how you can use the internet to get your hands on the stuff you need without breaking the bank. >> got awfully warm out there before the showers came in. 86 degrees at bwi. dc in the 90s today. still some rain on the radar tonight. we'll show you how it shapes up in your weekend right after this. blatche if they have their way, we're facing a mountain of debt and a massive tax increase. employers will continue to leave our state, taking their jobs with them. the next four years will i
't declaring victory now, one of his prominent supporters is sounding victorious. >> reporter: greg bernstein was upbeat last night, but he's stayed out of the spotlight today. there are several votes to count today. they could continue to arrive today and tomorrow. at 10:00 a.m., they'll be counted. >> how long could that process take? >> well, you know, most of the time it's taken in opening them. it could be, maybe three or four house. >> reporter: bernstein is currently a defense attorney in a private practice. he's one of his backers. >> it's monumental when he had no name recognition, he was a white male going after the black female who was in the position for 15 years. >> reporter: he's confident that the absentee ballots will number in his way. >> a number of prosecutors are looking forward to a change in leadership and the new blood from the top. >> reporter: he ran ads against jessamy. >> people are getting away with murder because of jessamy. >> reporter: public officials like the mayor says who wins won't impact her. >> i'm committed to work with whoever is elected. >> >> reporter
reporting, greg bernstein has 49% of the vote. gregg bernstein leads by 1421 votes. early on, patricia jessamy supporters tuesday evening were keeping a positive attitude about the race. the race swung back and forth. when she showed up to thank everyone, she said she was feeling pretty confident about the race. the bernstein campaign was enthusiastic and costcautiously optimistic about the results. many took the day off to support bernstein. bernstein talked a little bit about why he was able to make such headway in such a short time leading up to the election. >> it gets to the level of frustration people were feeling about living in one of america's most dangerous cities. i do not know if it is a question of what patricia jessamy did or did not do. it was pants up frustration. >> bernstein did when the primary for city-state's attorney position. he told 11 news he did not have any plans for today pending the outcome of the election. we'll see how the day unfolds before hearing from bernstein himself. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the vote is still out as to see who will w
of attempted murder, assault and false imprisonment. they are finished counting those absentee ballots and greg bernstein has widened his lead over patricia jess a me in the race for state attorney. there are more than 1700 provisional ballots out there. judges will side whether to accept each ballot. that process won't start until next wednesday. >>> a fun filled day almost turned tragic at the north arundel aqualityic center. but for the second time in as many months quick thinking lifeguards put their training to the test to save a life. don harrison has that story. >> reporter: a near tragic incident occurred for the second time in as many nights. anne arundel county paramedics were called to the pool. a man in his mid-30s had suffered some medical emergency and went to the bottom of the pool. life guards on duty responded quickly. >> at that time lifeguards did enter the pool, able to extricate the person from the pool. >> reporter: quick response from lifeguards helped save the life of a 2-year-old who almost drown. according to the drowning prevention association 19% of public pool drown
finished counting absentee ballots and greg bernstein has increased his lead over patricia jess a me in the race for baltimore city state's attorney. accord to go the web site bernstein is leading jess a me 1363 votes. >>> they are cute and scudly with lots of love. but not everyone thought so. who would throw such loveable faces in to a dumpster. a story that will melt any animal lover's hearts and how you can adopt one of these adorable puppies. >>> plus, doctors say more and more they are finding children are not able to process certain fats and sugars which could lead to some serious health problems. >>> i'm meteorologist wyatt everhart. we hilt 84 degrees, 6 degrees above average. 84 was your 2-degree guarantee. our weather winner carolyn due car out of baltimore, congratulations the you, you get an abc 2 storm un. how long will you need the umbrella? answer that right after this. everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. b
in context, she's speaking about greg bernstein. >> he doesn't think the state prosecutor's office that should have anything to do without intervention. i don't know a prosecutor's office in the country that practices that. if he is elected, he will be taking us back 50 years. bernstein supporters say racial overtones are there. >> it is up to the politicians to walk a fine line of making certain sgs suggestions without really saying it or, you know, sometimes there may be real differences that end up playing out along racial lines. >> early in the campaign jessamy charged if her opponent is elected, the city will become a police state. >> he will be a rubber stamp for the police department. >> "not in my neighborhood's" author says the neighborhood has a historic precedence for race. >> bill schwisher was backed by white politicians. >> back in the 1950's, he said -- >> you must teach a lesson. the only way to do it is with jail and shooting people. >> they said both candidates are playing to their grassroots supporters. >> bottom line in this election is who thinks that a particu
to unseat. and >> challenger greg bernstein continues to call in donors at a brisk clip. our reporting destiny by a clip of nearly 321. -- out reporting jessame three- to-one. most nations are less than $100. it is a comfortable cushion for a last-minute advertising push leading up to the election. by contrast, jessame has pulled in this amount. there is a $100,000 personal loan to help pay for her tv advertising just starting. a spokesperson for the o'malley campaign called the recent ad in fund-raising by ehrlich "no big deal." he noted o'malley maintains a big advantage and a margin of about three to one on -- in cash on hand. dan miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> officials say they one went well. -- day one went well. >> of these are two of thousands of new to the vantage of early voting. >> we are going on vacation. >> roughly 12,000 early voters on a day one was the kind of turnout state officials were hoping for. the counties with the top turnout were prince george, baltimore, and ann arundel. they predict 20% of the total electorate participate in these elections. if the numbers stay
, it is not about competenne, this race is about race. you have the white establishment of backing greg bernstein, ou have the black establishment ii the ciiy,,backing patriiia jes me. %-union, senator dilla all3lice enddrsed bernstein. blackkministers and black establishment all eedorsed jes this is basically aaout a dividdd attitude toward law and order. the white establishmmnt wants law and rder. lock them up. aad african-americans in the city, view the police, sometimes, as harassiig, and as city. it is a racial divide attitudinal diiide and cultural divide, and that's the ffull line along w which the election falls. >> how about poor voter turnout in the city. would that benefit bernstein in your opinion? >> absolutely. benefits bernntein because low turnout means that the more organized election, especially wwth thh public employee unions, are behind somebody, ppovides the turnout you need, low turnout definitely is hurting patricia jessamy.ú >> and blair, know other real races of interest, in baltimore city, that would draw people out for this election? >> that's right. this is a one ac
counted.ú with challenger greg bernstein ú%ging out incumbent patricia patricia jessamy by 1300 votes. but to be clear, paaricia jessamy has not conceded the race. however, require campaign spokeswoman released this statement that reads ii part. we stand by the democrattc the campaign feeling it is nota. exactly over. relying, perhaps, on absentee ballots. election officials say requests forrabsentee ballots came from more ttan 3600 baltimore democrats, wwth 2100 ballots returned so far. with the count to begin thursday. votes that could make a close, with so mmny watching and waiting. including city hall, and mayor stephanie rrwlings-blake. >> i have alwayy aid during the fully re-election i am committed to working with whoever the citizens choose of state's attorney to reduce violent crime in the city. >> well in a statement released tonight,,bernstein said quote, he is pleas please the withfina. but for now he is not claiming victory. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you keith. yesterday a primary set up two rematches. one is the ace for governor. governor o'malley e
order of police is. backing greg bernstein. bernssein is challenging jessaay.3 fop saiddhe would bring a new approach to the officc. stay with fox 44 neww for the latest on the mid term elections. go to foxbaltimore.com/vote3 2010. >> ballimore city council president wants to revisit changes made to the police and fire pension plans. those revisions were made to help to balancc he city budget. fireeighters and police officers proteeted downtown yesterdayyand this morning. council president jack young ú%id the city should reevaluate >> i made the tough decision, and asked my colleagues,,to make the tough decision, that we could have a retirement ssstem that is dignified. but is onn that the ity can actually afford. i think that's here we are now. >> the police and firr unionsú are suing the city in federal court. beeause of changes to the >> arylann's economy has seenn3 better days. revenue from sales and income taxxs was down nearly 4 percent from last year. -uttgovernor o'malley said there -s some positive signs as well. maryland's unemployment rate, for instance, is down ever s
of his time he hassbeen mostly in federal court. >>>opponent greg bernstein >> miss jessamy has not tried a case in 15 yearr. >> the law school hosted the debate that featured jessamy, beenstein nd land sea, all candidates for ssate's ttorney. there were six questions given to the candidates prior to the debate. onnjuvenile crime. >> as a result of sttategies that were put together, we have now had over a 40 percent deccine in aal of those categories, when it comes to juvenile crime. >> i don't think anyone sitting in this room, can say that juvenile crimm is any better than it was 15 years ago. >> state's attorney jessamy touted the successes of her 15 years in office. >> we have the highest conviction rate in the state of and if you are convicted of a serious crime, in baltimore city, it means that you are %-as you are in any otherprisonú jurisdiction in the state. >> but bernstein questioned both strategges.ú saying that her office hass3 failed in its attempt to coovince witnesses to cooperate. >> because of the state's attorney's offices inability to ssccessfully prosecute these v
. election workers counted more than 1600 absentee ballots. in the end, they reinforced greg bernstein's lead in the battle to be top prosecutor. sources with pat jessamy's camp believes there are votes that have not yet been counted. director armstead jones. >> that's the only thing we run here in baltimore, fair elections. >> reporter: even the chair of the delegation think it's over. >> it seems mr. bernstein will maintain his lead. i plan on meeting with him next week. we've got to get his legislative agenda. >> there are still 1765 provisional ballots to be counted where the eligibility has been questioned. warren brown tells wjz he doesn't see how jessamy can catch up. >> i think it is a manifestation of her obestinance and ego to a certain extent that she doesn't do what 99% of the people in her position would do and say, you know, gracefully i lost. >> jess ismy has been in office 15 years. sores say she's meeting with a three- sources say she's meeting with a three-person legal team with no thoughts of conceding. >> they were caught not looking with their proverbial pants down. >> r
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